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Court of Catania

The Court of Catania is composed of six civil sections and five penal sections, two sections of the Court of Assizes, the Judge for Preliminary Investigations section and seven sub-offices sections: Acireale, Adrano, Belpasso, Bronte, Giarre, Mascalucia and Paternò.

The main office is located in piazza Giovanni Verga. Other judicial offices are distributed in buldings close to the Palazzo di Giustizia: the Working section is at Via Guardia della Carvana n. 25/27, the VI Civil section and the IV Criminal section at n . 268 of via Francesco Crispi.

The Palace of Justice, whose construction began in 1937 and was inaugurated in 1953, is the work of architect Francesco Fichera and is located in the central Verga square Catania.

The court and its offices, since 1844 housed in a section of Palazzo Tezzano, were moved there after the inauguration starting from 1953.

The façade of the building is linked to 18th-century Catania architectural motifs, reworked in a twentieth century style. The interior contains frescoes by Carmelo Comes. In front of the entrance hall stands the imposing bronze statue representing Justice by the Catania sculptor Mimì Maria Lazzaro.